​Ash House was a project involving 41 apartments consisting of 30no. 2-bedroom with en-suites and 11 no. 1-bedroom apartments.

The plantroom consisted of two 250k/w boilers, a buffer vessel, expansion vessel, etc. All pipework including a low loss header was prefabed to suit. All district heating pipework was run in screwed iron pipe. All hot/cold and boosted cold pipework was run in using copper and soldered joints. Gas was run in screwed iron pipework. SVP and above ground drainage was run in ensign pipework.

​Merlin House was 15 apartments consisting of 11no. ensuite apartments and 4no. 1-bedroom apartments. 

​This project was the same as Kennett House with regard the boilers, pipework & etc but this project involved underfloor heating and dual fuel towel rails in the bathroom.Type your paragraph here.

​Just to give you an insight into what E&D Mechanical ltd has been involved with so far.

​Seven sisters road project involves 158 apartments which consist of 1-bedroom apartments. The plantroom consists of two 260k/w boilers, expansion vessel, circulating pumps, booster set and breaktank, etc. All pipework including a low loss header is prefabed to suit.

​This project is very similar to what we carried out in Ash House but on a larger scale in regard to the pipework and gas, etc.Type your paragraph here.

​Kennett House was 11 apartments with 7no 2-bedroom apartments and 4no. 1-bedroom apartments consisting of 11 bathrooms and 7 ensuites.

​We designed the whole mechanical & electrical for this building as well as the projects at Merlin House, Parkhall and Seven Sisters road.

​All 11 apartments are run by gas fired 35k/w keston combination boilers. Soil and vent pipework were run in DB12 acoustic barrier waste pipe. All heating hot/cold and boosted cold were run using copper and soldered joints.

​All ducting for extract system was fitted using plastic flat duct and boosted by an nuaire air fan.

​We also installed high specifications bathroom ware which was fitted to an excellent standard as you can see from the pictures below. 

 Type your paragraph here.

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